Apple Takes Banner Ads to the Next Level

(Online Dating Advertising) For well over a year, Apple, one of the kings of the advertising world, has been using advanced banner advertising techniques in order to create interest in its products while effectively presenting the same branding messages across multiple platforms (i.e. TV and the Internet). The video below shows several of these ads as seen on sites like the New York Times and CNN.

Apple has always been known for “thinking outside of the box” and they’ve shown that with how they’ve used technologically advanced banner ad campaigns to get their message out. And more importantly, the branding ties in with their other advertising venues to create a seamless message across multiple platforms. When considering advertising for your online dating Website, try to think “outside the box”. You want to grab the users attention in a unique way that will help your ad “go viral”. That, of course, is easier said than done, but it’s amazing what some research, brainstorming, and chocolate can accomplish.

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