Seven Online Dating Advertising Tips

7 Ways to Reach Online Daters(©Online Dating Advertising) One of the key purposes of the Online Dating Advertising Website is proving tips to advertisers and online dating services (new and old).  With that in mind, here are seven key tips for online dating services to consider when it comes to advertising:

Tip #1: Focus on Your Target Audience
Many companies throw a lot of ads into cyberspace or television and hope that they reach some of their audience. However, ad dollars are much better spent when the advertisements and ad space both reach a highly targeted audience. Make sure the Websites you choose to advertise on are highly targeted to the audience you are trying to reach.

Tip #2: Remember the Value of Branding
Many companies spend millions of dollars every year developing, refining, and imprinting their brand upon the minds of potential consumers. Develop an effective message and incorporate that message into all aspects of your advertising.

Tip #3: Conduct Focus Groups
Today’s online medium makes it easier than ever for growing services to tap into the minds of potential consumers. Take this opportunity to develop a focus group that you can interact with in an online meeting environment in order to help perfect your message and the delivery of that message.

Tip #4: Create a Unique Selling Point then Push It
The online dating marketplace is over saturated with online dating services. According to Online Dating Magazine, 99%% of new online dating services will fail. In order for you to stand out you need to offer something other online dating services don’t, then promote that unique selling point in all of your advertising. For example, one online dating service offers refunds (you don’t see that much in this market). Another conducts background checks on all new members. What is your unique selling point? Don’t open your service or advertise it until you have one.

Tip #5: Test Banners and Test Landing Pages
You should never just create a banner or landing page then operate all of your campaigns without first testing them. You want banners (and text messages) that will produce clicks. Then you want landing pages that will produce results. Run tests with different banners and different landing pages then highlight those that do the best then created larger campaigns.

Tip #6: Grow Your Marketing Budget
The two biggest online dating services in the United States are and eHarmony. Interestingly enough, they are also the two biggest ad spenders (click the Advertising News tab for details). Make sure a portion of any income or funding you get goes to advertising. Then plan appropriately for spending. Don’t simply spend your monthly budget every month. Focus the bulk of your money on particular months that attract more online daters – like October, November, January, and February.

Tip #7: Capitalize on Profitable Markets
Run your banner on several Websites for one month. Make sure each is coded so that you can track how many clicks and members you get as a result. Now take the three best performing sites and create long-term campaigns with them.

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