How to Advertise Your Business Effectively

(Online Dating Advertising) In the video below, Jeff Castle walks us through 8 steps to advertising your business effectively. After the video we’ll recap those 8 steps. Now, here”s Jeff…

How to advertise your business effectively- 8 steps

Now for the recap:

1)  Have a product people want.

2) Craft a Unique Selling Point (what’s in it for your customer?)

3) Be easy to contact. Focus on customer service.

4) Target your ads to likely buyers (i.e. online dating services should target online daters and singles with ads on sites like Online Dating Magazine)

5) Survey your buyers. Why do they buy and how. What keywords do they respond to? Use those in your ads.

6) Focus on graphic design in your ads.

7) Monitor competitors.

8) Keep your message focused and place ads with lots of frequency and exposure for better results.

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