Banner Ad Recall Highest Among Related Sites

(©Online Dating Advertising) A study on banner ads found that recall was highest when the banner advertising appeared on sites whose content matched the ad. For example, recall for online dating services doing banner advertising would be highest when those ads appeared on other online dating related sites, like Online Dating Magazine.

The 2009 study was conducted by Condé Nast and McPheters & Company. Specifically it found:

  • Ads running on sites with related content were 61% more likely to be recalled than ads running on sites with unrelated content.
  • Recall of ads varied by site type.
    • Social network, shopping, and food sites generated the highest recall levels (29% to 39%).
    • Search and portal sites generated the lowest recall levels.
  • There were large differences in recall by type of product advertised.

“The magnitude of the differences we found offers compelling evidence that targeting by site yields important benefits for advertisers,” says Scott McDonald, Condé Nast SVP/Research.

Drew Schutte, SVP and Chief Revenue Officer for Condé Nast Digital, adds “while we have long known that context is important for print advertisers, we welcome proof that the same is true online. These results reinforce the importance of a marketer being associated with category-specific Web sites with established brands.”

In the study, each of the 400 ads for which recall was measured was associated with the Web sites in which they appeared. Ads were segmented by whether they appeared on Web sites with related content. Recall of ads was measured among Internet users who were directed to surf the Internet at will for 30 minutes.

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