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Getting Others to Create Viral Videos for You

(©Online Dating Advertising) In 2011, online relationship service eHarmony.com launched a competition to get users to create "viral videos" promoting eHarmony. The idea came to them after the famous "eHarmony cat lady" video (see directly below) became an instant viral hit, taking the Internet by storm and racking up more than 36 million views along with countless … [Read More...]

Seven Online Dating Advertising Tips

(©Online Dating Advertising) One of the key purposes of the Online Dating Advertising Website is proving tips to advertisers and online dating services (new and old).  With that in mind, here are seven key tips for online dating services to consider when it comes to advertising: Tip #1: Focus on Your Target Audience Many companies throw a lot of ads into cyberspace or … [Read More...]

Building Better Banner Ads

(Online Dating Advertising) When you do banner advertising, the design and execution of your ad is vital. But so is the way you run it. In the video below banner ad expert Mike Blinder shares some tips on creating a better banner ad campaign. One of the tips is to switch out your banners virtually weekly, while keeping your branding the same (i.e. on a skyscraper ad you … [Read More...]